My 15-year-old daughter Jennifer has struggled her entire life from an undiagnosed neurological and seizure disorder, Non Verbal Learning Disorder, ADD, and multiple Autism Spectrum challenges.  She started physical, occupational, and speech therapy when she was 6 months old.  She was enrolled in an Early Childhood Preschool at age 2, and continued to receive all therapy services through her preschool years.  By 1st grade, she was showing signs of Autistic behaviors and was struggling with academics and socialization, so I made the choice to home school her; we’ve been home schooling ever since.  She dealt with years of pain from an OCD problem that involved picking at bumps on her skin that developed into sores that we had to constantly monitor and maintain to avoid infection…I know a thing or two about sore maintainance.  Needless to say, we’ve had our hands full over the years trying to help Jennifer maintain a “normal’ life. 

When Jennifer was 13 years old, 2009, we set up a new patient visit to a primary care and were told of the Gardasil vaccine recommendation.  Vaccine means protection, and I had kept my children up to date on all vaccines, so I didn’t question the safety.  Of course I would want to protect my daughter against Cervical Cancer.  In hindsight, I really wasn’t too concerned about my autistic daughter contracting a STD, or HPV, and had no concerns about Cervical Cancer, so agreeing to the vaccine is a mistake I will have to live with. 

 Fast forward 9 months.  Jennifer had gone back for the follow-up shots and unfortunately I can’t recall if she had any symptoms during the 9 month period of all three.  The only office visit records show returning for follow-up shots with no other symptoms.  One month after the third shot, I brought Jennifer to the doc’s office because she had been experiencing severe vaginal itching for two months and we suspected a yeast infection.  Tests were normal. 

 In January of 2010 we visited the doctor because Jennifer had been experiencing severe headaches, abdominal pains, dizziness, and had a chronic low-grade fever.  Did CBC, all results in normal range.  Went home and dealt with symptoms using over the counter products.  Two months later, went to urgent care for fever, headache, dizziness, and abdominal pain…again, all tests negative, no diagnosis.  Two months later, changed primary care and had new patient visit with new Doc, ran CBC and other tests, all normal.  We were referred to Gastro Doc and Jen was put on a daily dose of Miralax for constipation.  Headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, heart racing, abdominal pains, low-grade fever, and constant vaginal itching continue.  Jennifer had also started complaining about burning lower leg pain. 

Visit Doc again in the Fall for all of the above.  Office visit check and blood tests again show all normal.  Jennifer has also been complaining of hearing her heartbeat in her head and feeling afraid of having a heart attack before bed.  February of 2011, back in Doc’s office, same symptoms, treat for yeast infection.  At this point, no vaginal exam has been done because of Jennifer’s autism and extreme anxiety about Doctor probing that area.  We’ve done urine tests to check for bladder and urinary tract infections.  It is now April of 2011 and Jennifer is still dealing with all symptoms.  Today Jennifer is complaining of a “bump” in the vaginal area, and has been extremely itchy for several days.  This is not the first time she has had “odd” lesions on the vaginal area, but I had never suspected anything out of the ordinary and assumed she had caused them from scratching in the area. 

We’ve begun the process of detoxification, using a Cilantro Chelation Pesto, and adding supplements that support the immune system.  I’ve been getting support and suggestions from The Truth About Gardisal yahoo group and website.  Hopefully these things will help.

Please feel free to Reply with the story of your own Gardasil injury experience.

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