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Moving Forward

Jennifer has been doing great with the addition of the Cilantro Pesto on a daily basis.  She is now taking liquid vitamin D, sublingual Vitamin B12, probiotics, Fish oil, and vitamin e to support her immune system.  I’ve also taken the advice offered by other parents who have introduced purified bottled water such as Smart Water and Fiji Water.  I’m working on replacing Jennifer’s hygiene products to all natural products and will also do an overhaul on the household cleaning products to make sure we’re using non toxic products.  We have an appointment on April 21 with Dr. Dramov, a Naturopath in Tigard, Oregon.  Jen is totally committed to doing whatever it takes to overcome the illness that has plagued her body since 2009.  I am feeling optimistic, or at least comforted, by knowing that I’m doing something to help her feel better.