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Visit to Naturopath

On April 21, I took my daughter to see Dr. Rob Dramov, a Naturopath in Tigard, Oregon.  It turned out to be a two hour interview, with the Doctor ultimately, at my daughter’s request, drawing the blood needed for the numerous tests that he needed to run for determining her needs.  We also sent a hair sample in for determining the heavy metals in her system.

 He prescribed NeuroReplete (4 caps a day), Pharmax liquid fish oil (1 tsp a day), and Ultra Flora IB Probiotics (60 billion organisms per capsule 1 time a day).   He had also wanted her to take one Diflucan pill a day for 30 days to deal with her chronic vaginal itching, but I have yet to follow through with that recommendation.  I’ve had to learn the hard way that you must educate yourself before allowing something to enter your body.  I’m still researching yeast problems and the methods of dealing with them.

Dr. Dramov was thorough and knowledgable, and I trust that he wants to help my daughter overcome this illness.  Our follow-up appointment was made for five weeks later.  I’m looking forward to getting the test results and finding out if there are any food intolerances.