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The Light at the End of the Tunnel

When I first realized that Gardasil had injured my daughter, I felt numb, angry, and extremely guilty.  I spent days privately crying, beating myself up inside for inflicting this on my innocent girl, and feeling despair that she would have to continue suffering pain and illness due to my actions.  Thankfully, I found the Truth About Gardasil yahoo group and discovered that I wasn’t alone.  Through the support and guidance shared by a few moms, I was given hope that I might be able to help my daughter, and this helped me see the light at the end of this horrendous tunnel.  I still have times of sadness when I watch my daughter ache, but it only fuels my drive to continue pursuing a “fix” for her chronic illness. 

My daughter has been doing great on our mission to eliminate dairy.  It’s not easy, but she’s giving it a great effort.  She hasn’t missed a day of using her Cilantro Pesto, and she’s also been extremely diligent in taking her supplements.  But this is just the beginning, and consistency and persistence will have to continue if we are going to make it to the light.



Fact of dealing with Gardasil injury

I had hoped to keep up on this blog as a daily journal of our experience helping Jen through the recovery.  Truth is, I feel overwhelmed and hopeless most days, and motivation is in short supply. 

Jen is currently on the antibiotic, Docycycline Hyclate, to treat a “staph” infection brought on by an ingrown hair on her inner thigh.  She has had at least 4 ingrown hairs over the last year, mostly in her pubic area.  Doc says it’s probably because she is a bit overweight.  One more nuisance to add to her list of ailments over the past year.

So, what is the fact of dealing with a Gardasil injury?  The fact is, your life is no longer about doing the things you want, it’s about living everyday with illness, pain, exhaustion, sadness, despair, and very little hope of ever feeling better.  My daughter has become a professional patient and has been subjected to numerous tests that have so far given us no answers.  Our only hope now, is to follow the advice given by the Naturopath and to continue with the supplements and therapies that will hopefully bring my daughter relief from the pain.

A difficult day

I was hoping to start this week off in a positive direction, but Jen’s chronic vaginal itching/burning, and her leg/knee problems are making her life miserable.  She was also having a sharp pain headache on her right temple again.  These are all symptoms she’s been dealing with since September/October of 2009.

We had her blood work done today.  Third CBC done in the past year.  Doc also wanted to check her thyroid and metals.  This is always tough for Jennifer because her veins are hard to find and they usually end up sticking her more than once.  Today they moved lower on her arm and she said it burned for the next half hour.  The pain and misery caused by the Gardasil vaccine make me feel horrible as a mother who allowed it.  Hopefully she’ll not need another blood test for a while. 

Jen is seeing a physical therapist and Osteopathic physician for her knee.  I’m thinking the next specialist I need to seek out is a gynecologist that specializes in treating autistic girls.  She has continually had what I’ve thought were ingrown hairs, but now I’m wondering if it isn’t something to do with HPV.  The itching and burning seem to occur most while she’s on her period, and this seems to be a common complaint of Gardasil injured girls.  I know Jen will resist a visit to a gynecologist, but at this point, I believe it is necessary.

Sadly, this is a typical day in my house.  Help Jen with her pain.  Assist Jen with her feminine needs. Seek out medical advice and gather information.  We’re all looking forward to a time when Jen is pain-free.