The Light at the End of the Tunnel

When I first realized that Gardasil had injured my daughter, I felt numb, angry, and extremely guilty.  I spent days privately crying, beating myself up inside for inflicting this on my innocent girl, and feeling despair that she would have to continue suffering pain and illness due to my actions.  Thankfully, I found the Truth About Gardasil yahoo group and discovered that I wasn’t alone.  Through the support and guidance shared by a few moms, I was given hope that I might be able to help my daughter, and this helped me see the light at the end of this horrendous tunnel.  I still have times of sadness when I watch my daughter ache, but it only fuels my drive to continue pursuing a “fix” for her chronic illness. 

My daughter has been doing great on our mission to eliminate dairy.  It’s not easy, but she’s giving it a great effort.  She hasn’t missed a day of using her Cilantro Pesto, and she’s also been extremely diligent in taking her supplements.  But this is just the beginning, and consistency and persistence will have to continue if we are going to make it to the light.