Le Roy Tourette Syndrome “mystery”

I’ve obviously neglected this blog and the job of chronicling the steps toward helping Jennifer with her health problems related to her Gardasil injury.  Before I post an update on Jennifer’s health status and what we’ve been doing, I need to share my thoughts on a news story from Le Roy, New York, that’s getting national attention.  In my opinion, when 12 girls develop Tourette’s like symptoms, and families aren’t given legitimate answers to what may have caused it, the media should do their job of digging for the truth.  The news coverage, and information shared by the experts, have got my blood boiling.  I’m so tired of watching anchors of news programs sit across from experts and spew politically correct lip service questions.  Ask the questions we all want answered…what is the common element that these girls share that may have caused this?  The families claim they haven’t been told what could have gone wrong with their daughters.  The experts claim the girls have psychological issues, Conversion Disorder,and this is a common, but not well-known, phenomenon.  The poor girls are trying to explain that they weren’t stressed before this condition, did not know each other, and just want to know what caused their condition.  This all sounds too familiar.  The Gardasil injured girls, and their families have been searching for answers, looking for validation, and getting the same run around from the “experts”.  I know that I’m not alone in my feelings of frustration with how the Le Roy situation is being handled, and like many others, I feel a need to support these families through this difficult time.  The Families Affected by Gardasil Facebook group has been a life jacket for me as I’ve tried to keep my head above water trying to find answers and grieve over the illness my daughter has been inflicted with.  My hope for the Le Roy families are that they too will find support and continue to advocate for their daughters and teens around the world.


8 thoughts on “Le Roy Tourette Syndrome “mystery”

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  2. Now these parents know what parents of vaccine caused autism have gone through. Never vaccinate an autistic child, its what caused it all in the first place.

    • Yes! Sadly, I never questioned vaccines until my daughter experienced the illness as a result of the Gardasil vaccine. I do my best now to advocate for the children of my friends and family and encourage them to educate themselves on the possible adverse reactions of vaccines.

    • We’ve been dealing with the same chronic problems..headaches, “fogginess”, abdominal problems, etc… We’ve continued to see the Naturopath and have tried different combinations of supplements and diet changes. Sadly, nothing has cured the problems 100%, but we continue to do all we can to ease the discomfort from the headaches. Thanks for the comment and reminder that I need to update the blog with information.

  3. Dear Wendy, Have you tried a gluten and casein free diet? Being casein free might not be enough. Another possibility is that polysorbate 80, a common ingredient of many products from dairy, lawn care to cosmetics that is also part of many vaccines may be causing constant allergic reactions. Polysorbate 80 weakens the blood-brain-barrier for toxins to get through the brain and can also cause leaky gut.

    • We have tried a gluten free diet, but have not been able to stick to it. Over the past year we’ve eliminated, and/or, weaned off some of the common trigger foods the Gardasil injured girls have had trouble with. Will look into the polysorbate 80…thanks for the tip.

  4. My daughter had a seizure as a baby after the Hep B shot. I now will not allow a vaccination. My older son, had a seizure and quit breathing after his DTP shot. We had to revive him. Doctor admitted it was a major concern to vaccinate because of both kids having reactions.They do not tell you that if you have one reaction, your other kids will probably do the same.I found that out from the pediatrition, after the fact. I now home school my daughter. She will not get the Gardasil. In 36 years, I have personally known 3 babies who have died within the week of their vaccination, because I was a midwife and childbirth educator and knew their families or relatives.

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