Fact of dealing with Gardasil injury

I had hoped to keep up on this blog as a daily journal of our experience helping Jen through the recovery.  Truth is, I feel overwhelmed and hopeless most days, and motivation is in short supply. 

Jen is currently on the antibiotic, Docycycline Hyclate, to treat a “staph” infection brought on by an ingrown hair on her inner thigh.  She has had at least 4 ingrown hairs over the last year, mostly in her pubic area.  Doc says it’s probably because she is a bit overweight.  One more nuisance to add to her list of ailments over the past year.

So, what is the fact of dealing with a Gardasil injury?  The fact is, your life is no longer about doing the things you want, it’s about living everyday with illness, pain, exhaustion, sadness, despair, and very little hope of ever feeling better.  My daughter has become a professional patient and has been subjected to numerous tests that have so far given us no answers.  Our only hope now, is to follow the advice given by the Naturopath and to continue with the supplements and therapies that will hopefully bring my daughter relief from the pain.


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