Dairy Overdose

Jennifer’s younger sister turned 14 yesterday and our dairy free diet suffered a bit.  Olive Garden for lunch (cream sauce), Cold Stone with Sister during shopping trip, and Chocolate Mousse for dessert with family.  Jen ended up throwing up shortly after she went to bed last night….dairy definitely doesn’t agree with her.  Thank goodness for Whole Foods and the dairy free cheese and butter we bought a few days ago.  Jen is all for the dairy free plan and we’ll start to be more careful about what she eats. 

I’m anxiously awaiting the visit with the Naturopath on the 21st.  I know that getting tested for food intolerance and having the guidance for adding supplements is crucial to Jen’s health improvement.  Until then, I’ll continue to do what I can to include a whole food diet and eliminate anything that may cause problems for her.


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