How We Got Here

My 15 year old, high functioning Autistic daughter Jennifer has been chronically ill since October of 2009, one month after her last Gardasil shot.  We’ve spent the last year visiting our primary care, seeing specialists, and struggling through trips to the lab for blood work.  With all tests normal, and no valuable information from specialists, we’ve continued on hopelessly, dealing with the chronic headaches, abdominal pains, low-grade fever, dizziness, chronic fatigue, nausea, chronic vaginal itching and discharge, and rapid heart beat. 

 I had never considered Gardasil as a cause for her chronic illness, why should I, a vaccine means protection, right?  Over the past year, Jennifer’s primary care would continually see us for the same symptoms, and every time, we would come up with everyday reasons for the complaints Jennifer was having.  Upset stomach, must be constipated, headache, maybe her hormones or diet, dizziness and blurry vision, maybe too much time on the computer, chronic low-grade fever, no clue, chronic fatigue, she’s a teenager, vaginal itching, yeast infection???  You get the idea.  I would eliminate foods, encourage her to get more sleep, and spend less time on the computer, and of course, stocked up on feminine products to help ease that discomfort.  Needless to say, we’ve had an exhausting year trying to keep up with basic health maintenance. 

 It wasn’t until I had heard of the daughter of a family friend who had been suffering similar symptoms, missed several months of school, and was diagnosed with Mono, with all tests being negative.  What could be a commonality between these two girls?  For some reason, I thought of Gardasil and went home and searched the Internet for information.  I was shocked to discover that thousands of other girls were also struggling with the same symptoms, and worse.  How did I allow this to happen?   I never gave it a second thought, vaccine means safety and protection, why would I ever consider that to have caused my daughter so much misery.  I continued to research and became sick to my stomach about how much pain and suffering has needlessly continued. 

 Now what?  Gather documentation!  I called her primary care and requested copies of all of her office visit chart notes and vaccine schedule.  Sure enough, the evidence was there, Jennifer started visiting the doctor regularly after her last Gardasil injection, and has not been well since.  Every office visit indicates the reason for visit, which all coincide with the most common long-term adverse reactions.  

So here we are, beginning this journey of recovery, after tireless hours of research into what can be done to heal the body from the toxins we injected.  Appointments made with Naturopath and Physical Therapists.  Nutritional supplements, whole food diet, eliminating dairy and gluten, drinking purified water, Cilantro Chelation Pesto, and becoming aware of household items that could cause further damage to Jennifer’s system.  I know this journey will be challenging, but I will not turn back.  My heart is heavy with guilt for causing this pain for my daughter, and I’ll do everything in my power to make it right.


2 thoughts on “How We Got Here

  1. I am so sad for you. I warned my daughter-in-law about my grandbaby, because her dad had quit breathing after his DPT. I am already seeing the effects of her vaccinations. She is so hyper and can’t sleep well. Her mom says it is required so that is what she will do. So sad. After my now 13 yr old daughter had a seizure as a baby, I began my quest for answers and found nothing good about any vaccinations. I heard about the HPV vaccine, when I took my daughter in to our primary and let them know she was not receiving it. They haven’t pushed. She now has scoliosis and they want to do surgery. I have found a chiropractor that can help it reverse, who is back east. Her specialist is so negative about anything but surgery, calling natural treatments quackery. I won’t put her through anymore pain. We all have to take it into our own hands and find those doctors who really do care to get to the cure and not just treat. I will be praying for both you and her that God heals her and gives you much peace and wisdom. God bless you!

  2. Thank you, Melba. She has experienced some relief through regular chiropractic adjustments, and by taking several supplements that help her immune and neurological system. The primary care physician we were seeing at the onset of the symptoms was no help. Switched primary cares, and again, a full year of appointments and referrals to specialists with no answers that helped. I finally discovered the link between her symptoms and Gardasil and arranged for her to be seen by a Naturopath, who was finally able get her on the right track for some relief. She has a difficult time maintaining the diet changes that are necessary, so there are still some tough days. It’s amazing how inflammatory problems can take you down. I’m so confident with what I’ve seen, and learned, that any names that someone wants to impose on me have little effect on my standpoint. I live and see the truth every day and my number one priority is being an advocate for my daughter. Thank you again for your kind thoughts.

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